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The Michigan Man Podcast

Welcome To The Michigan Man Podcast - For Wolverine Fans From Coast To Coast

Apr 29, 2021

1) My Thoughts: A program reminder that next month we begin our summer schedule of two shows a month until August

2) Game Day: Football beat writer Aaron McMann from MLive stops by with his thoughts on the NFL draft

3) Quick Hits: Softball and baseball news

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Apr 22, 2021

1) My Thoughts: Congratulations to Women's Gymnastics

2) Game Day: Wolverine Magazine Editor John Borton thinks fans have lowered their expectations for this fall

3) Quick Hits: The latest baseball and softball news

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Apr 15, 2021

1) My Thoughts: Spring football is important, but fall is when we learn how well spring practice really went.

2) Game Day: My guest today says Michigan's young staff of recruiters is aggressive. Will they bring in a top 10 class though? Steve Lorenz from 247 Sports pays us a visit this week

3) Quick Hits: Softball and...

Apr 8, 2021

1) My Thoughts: It's not your typical April on the U of M scene

2) Game Day: Orion Sang joins me with his thoughts on what's next for Michigan hoops, and his low expectations for Jim Harbaugh's team this fall

3) Quick Hits: The latest news on the Michigan athletic scene

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Apr 2, 2021

1) My Thoughts - Franz didn't lose the was a team effort.

2) Game Day - Basketball radio play by play voice Brian Boesch says Michigan picked a bad night to have a bad night

3) Quick Hits - Football season ticket renewals are now underway. The only question remains how many fans will be allowed in the stadium?